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Ph:     9524 6379

AH:  0407 774 595

Mon - Wed; Fr: 9 - 5  Thurs: 9-6:30  Sat:  9 − 11 

Appointments welcome outside normal hours - call to book.


Vet Clinic in Port Kennedy

Medicine - Surgery

Dental Vet - Xray - Ultrasound


Housecalls - Emergency Vet

Port Kennedy-Secret Harbour-Warnbro-Rockingham

Operated by Senior Veterinary Surgeon :

 Dr Joan Deetman - as a senior vet, Joan has many years experience, including EMERGENCY MEDICINE - A VET YOUR PETS' CAN TRUST

  • Clinic staff are senior, experienced personnel, dedicated to providing you & your pet family with the very best service you will find. 
  • You can expect us to provide very high standards of veterinary care.
  • We will strive to inform &  educate you about your pets condition so you fully understand your pets current health status.

              OUR  PET PORTAL 

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The portal grants our clients exclusive access to to our site where you can see all your pets records, medications, book online, shop online & place orders.

All available from your e-devices - anytime - anywhere - you will have access to your pets records PLUS get first hand offers & new medical info for pets.   

AN APP. FOR YOUR PET!                                                                                               

1. Your pet will become the personal patient of    Dr Joan   - so your pet will benefit from more than 26 years experience with all sorts of animals!

2. Our clinic is designed to keep your pet relaxed, warm, comfy & stress free. So when you return, your pets are happy to see us again!

3. We will inform you, educate you, gather information and explain everything to you clearly so you fully understand the state of your pets health.

4. All our fees will be explained fully to reflect the value of medical & surgical care we provide.

5. All treatment options, including testing & referrals, will be offered & fully explained so you can make informed decisions about your pets medical care.


Ph:  9524 6379      AH: 0407 774 595


  • Explain everything 
  • Educate & Advise our clients 
  • Act with Complete Transparency 
  • Remain Professional in Service.

Address: 3/371 Warnbro Sound Ave                    Port Kennedy WA 6172

Email: warnbrosoundvc@gmail.com


0407 774 595

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